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LEEWONG Electric Juicer Portable Blender Travel Kitchen USB Smoothie Milkshake Mixer 300ml Blue

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This portable juicer has so many advantages

1. One full charge can squeeze 10 cups of juice continuously

2. USB interface is convenient to charge

3. Easy washing after using

4. Simple operation, one button to get a cup of juice

5. It's so cool to hold the hidden blade in your hand as an
ordinary accompanying cup

6. It's small in size. There's no pressure when you go out with 
it in your bag

7.Running protection system. For example, if your cup cover is 
not tightened and the cup body is not installed, the switch can
not be started

1. Wash the fruit and cut it into small pieces. (For fruits with thick
skins or hard shells, please take them out first)
2. When putting in fruit, the volume of fruit and liquid cannot exceed
the maximum scale "MAX" of the cup, and dry grinding is not allowed
3. After the motor rotates, tighten the lid and the large cup, double-click
the button continuously, and turn it upside down. When working, gently
shake the juice cup to better extract the juice.
4. After squeezing the juice, turn off the power switch, and then unscrew
the lid for drinking. If there is too much fruit residue, please use a filter
before drinking.
5. In order to meet the transportation requirements, the juicer cup has only
40% power before transportation. If the transportation time is long, the
power may be cut off. It is recommended that you charge the product for4
hours after receiving it. Extend battery life.
6. The shape of the blade is our proprietary design. The purpose of this
design is to make the blade sharper and the juice taste smoother.
7. When the product is fully charged, it can work for 8-10 times. The host
can not be washed in water, and the cutter head can be directly washed
in water. At the same time, please do not put the product in the disinfection
cupboard for disinfection.

Product Information:



Battery capacity: 2400mAh

Motor speed: 17000 RPM

Main material: baby food-grade plastic & SUS304 stainless steel blade

Capacity: 300ml

Size: 11.2*11.2*20.7cm

Weight: 0.426kgs

Color: Blue

Package: 1 * portable fruit juicer, 1 * USB charging cable,1*English manual

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